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Battery Power/Thank Heaven for Global Warming

by David,

The thought of having in the near future,to drive a Battery Powered Car is eased a little by the fact that the World is entering a phase of......Global Warming!!!

During my Army service through a Korean Winter in . the 1950's the Arctic Weather made life a misery.

I was running our Units battery charging station in the back of a canvas sided Bedford lorry,facing every morning the task of thawing the Top Up water,and hopeful that the generator diesel would not run from the refuelling Jerry can like syrup.

At minus 20 and below,the storage capacity of the cells were reduced by much as half,making it necessary for very frequent replacement to take place to keep the communication circuits working,and making a nonsense of milder weather running schedules.

Therefore from this experience I will never feel confident to rely only on battery power for a long Winter journey.

The best solution would be to opt for a Hybrid compromise.or follow the birds and..... Move South in the Winter.

Mother Nature knows Best!

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