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by SArcher,
To all fellow RCT residents,

I have just purchased a new Hybrid car and find that only location RCT side for charging is TESCO, ABERDARE.

Further, as I will need to charge at home, this poses further issues.

I do not have a driveway and to ensure I can charge the car conveniently, this will require me to either park my car on DOUBLE YELLOW LINES or a junction, in order to allow sufficient cable length.

But, I have to be cognizant of pedestrian safety, and so will have to purchase a cable protector ramp, ro ensure pedestrian neither trip and/or injure themselves.

We most certainly need more charging stations and with CCTV coverage I would suggest, to deter malicious damage or attempted theft of the cables, depaitw the fact they lock into the vehicle.

I would suggest MICHAEL SOBELL, ASDA, Aberdare library area /GREEN STREET and other public parking spaces, which have ample parking facilities with nearby utility access, to install a few meters for such owners.

Perhaps, as an incentive, RCT could charge for the electric in lieu of charging costs or free electricity, when a parking ticket is purchased. I know Tesco offer free electric charging points, but parking is limited to 3 hours.

As for residents charging, I think this is something for the future. I cannot envisage RCT undertaking expensive contracts, to excavate pavents etc in residential streets for the few.

But, more accessible public charging would certainly benefit us few, in the interim.

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