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Haven't yet purchased an EV because there is nowhere to charge!!

by Bdf,
I live in Tonypandy and have been considering purchasing an EV for about the past 3 years. But with no off street parking and hardly any charging ports in the Rhondda at all, I keep getting cold feet. Range anxiety and the fear of having to go miles out the way to get the car charged has really put me off. If you look at a charging app, RCT and the Rhondda particularly, is like a black spot. It's great to see Lidl in Porth finally has a charging station, but I strongly believe that many members of the public in RCT are waiting for the infrastructure to be in place before making the step to an EV. A good network of chargers spread across the valley (much like Caerphilly CBC) would make owning an EV much more convenient for short journeys to the shops and school. Once out of the valley on longer journeys the infrastructure seems more readily available.
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